Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Alice Mccall

I came across this collection on Topshop.com. I thought it was really lovely, and the way the colours blend work really nicely. It has a similar colour pallette to my chosen colour scheme for the laundry project but is a bit more vivid whereas I want a more muted look for my collection.

A little bit of experimentation.....

After looking at those old jeans I felt inspired to try out some of my own techniques. I tried using coarse sand paper to wear the surface of the jeans away but I didnt find that very successful at all so that idea was scrapped. I then moved onto the bleach and tried a few different ways of applying it to the denim. I used a scubbing brush, I poured it straight from the bottle, I tried a tye dye technique and I mixed it with water. I used two types of denim, dark and a bright blue to see the different effects i could get. The bleach turned the darker denim slightly yellow which later developed into a dirty brown which i really like and kept with my colour pallette.I think the tye dye was really effective and gave a really unusual effect which i like, others such as the scrubbing brush method was less effective. I think the more subtle effects are more fitting to my theme and the more contrasting samples are a little too full on.
On photoshop I then created a repeat pattern of a couple of samples. I really like the tye dye piece, im not too sure about the other one.

Sunday, 22 March 2009


For the laundry project I dont want to take it too litterally.
I want to look at words rather than image yet still keep it quite neat and tidy.
When I think of laundry I think of a wet garmet, a little washed out, bobbly bits, a bit worse for wear, in my case ive normally washed it on the wrong setting or put in a dark garment in a white wash so the colours have ran, which got me thinking of washed up.
It reminded me of a washed up garment on a beach.
Sunbleached muted colours,
But i want to keep it slightly refined.
Ruffles to show slouchy but more reserved.
Knitting to show a worn holey effect.
Bleached, rubbed denim that looks as though its been washed a million times.
These are a bit of a contrast, '80s' denim with ruffles and knitting?
Its a bit of a muddle but its what i think of when i think of laundry.


I have had these jeans for years now and ive never really looked at them properly until this project. When you look at them they are just an old worn out pair of jeans but when you look closer you can see the creases that have been made from the shape of my body, the tear which slowly developed in one knee from bending too much, the unravelling stitching and the faded patches. They tell a story.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Miu Miu Spring 09

Miu Miu Spring 09

This collection reminds me of a sophisticated desert island. As though the models have been washed up on a beach and created outfits from what they have found! A lot more sophisticated though! I really like the worn effect of the fabric. There are holes, tears and rips like you would see on some denim pieces such as jeans and jackets but the idea transferred onto the hessian fabric produces a really different effect. I really like the splashes of dye and think this effect would be really useful within my project.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Illionaire S/S 09.

Illionaire S/S 09.
I really love the way the tones of the fabric look as though they have ran in the wash.

Burberry S/S 09.

Burberry S/S 09.
I love the tones, fabrics and multiple textures used.

Prada S/S 09.

Prada S/S 09.



a. To wash (clothes, for example).
b. To wash, fold, and iron.

My inspiration.

Washed out.
Washed up.
Dip dyed.