Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Trend Book

When creating my Trend Book I had two main ideas I wanted to develop. The first a Russian Doll inspired A/W trend focusing very much on pattern and shape and the other Boudoir, inspired from looking through a window into a Boudoir bringing the outside to the in. After researching into both themes I decided to continue on with the Boudoir theme after being hugely inspired by this beatiful May 09 Vogue photoshoot.
I loved the combination of different textures and the subtle colours used to create pattern rather than imagery and wanted to develop this idea futher.


  1. Absolutely ADORE this editorial; I posted it on my blog a while back too! The combination of lingerie and high fashion is spectacular.

  2. I agree with the above...This such a gorgeous editorial! New reader to your blog...Will be reading and following along :)
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  3. Beautiful!

    Lovely blog!