Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Basic Learning Agreement

Soft, subtle Boudoir inspired colours combined with delicate silhouettes will be the basis of the project. Combining textures, pattern and imagery to create a feeling of luxury and decadence while remaining young and fresh. Following the trend book concept of ‘peeping’ through a window into a boudoir to reveal the inner layers, combining the inside and outside worlds. With the tough current economic climate I feel the general consumer will buy a smaller number of high quality luxury goods that will last in terms of quality and style rather than a vast number of poor quality fashion ‘fads’ that have an seasonal expiry date.
At the end of the unit I will have a collection of digitally designed fabric samples and a range of silhouette ideas for a collection of underwear and nightwear inspired from my Boudoir trend book. I aim to produce 8 final digital fabric designs to base my collection on with all of the designs being integral to create a ‘mix and match’ collection.
I aim to create my collection for a young consumer market who pride themselves on high quality, fashionable merchandise.

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